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create a Winning Entry

6 Top Tips for Submitting a Winning Entry


There are SIX categories for you to enter. There is no restriction on how many you would like to apply for – just enter any that are relevant to your business. Think back to work you have done in the past that could fall under one of the categories – ‘Best Construction Project’ for example. Perhaps there is a project that you are very proud of and has had an impact on the industry.

  • Best architectural design

  • Best apprentice

  • Best construction contractor

  • Best construction project

  • Best supplier

  • Women in construction



Be yourself 

This is your chance to let the ethos of your business shine through.  What can you add to your application that makes your business stand out?  Do you go over and above for your customers?

Give yourself time

Try not to leave it to the last minute.  Write it and go back again.  Involve others in your team/business.  It is worth spending a bit of time as the rewards could be great.  Businesses like to do business with award winning companies, and it is a fantastic way of getting a lot of FREE publicity for your business.

Include the detail

If you include a project, remember to add who it was for, what and why you did it, plus the outcome (ideally with examples).  You can also send in additional information/pics to substantiate your application.


Go that bit extra

Include relevant information if you can to support your application especially facts and figures.  Also any testimonials and stats that you may have and/or designs of your product or service.

Be concise, be factual

Focus on the key points that you wish to get across and don’t lose them by having long sentences which can lose impact.  Choose your words carefully to ensure you get your message across.  Imagine you are a judge yourself when reading through your application.  And always a good idea to get a fresh pair of eyes to proof your application.

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